A Critical Research on the Themes of Violence and Drugs in Cartoons

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Introduction: Historically, cartoons have always evolved along two different paths. Because the potential for silliness, absurdity and unreality are magnified by the possibilities of animation, cartoons are accurately thought of as being perfect for the elastic and growing mind of children. However, because of many of these same characteristics, cartoons have always been seen as an ideal medium for biting satire and ridiculous farce aimed at adults. Today, with the availability of information and media at the most saturated level it has ever been, the line between these two separate paths has become blurred. As a result, there is a sense amongst social critics that cartoons on television are more explicitly stocked with drug use, violence and other adult themes than even in the generation of cartoons just passed. Rationale: Since the inception of The Simpsons in 1989, the first primetime cartoon to achieve lasting success since The Flintstones, it has increasingly become commonplace to gear cartoons toward adult audiences. Evidence suggests that this predisposition is greater now than it was in the 1990s. It is thus that the current crop of cartoons on network and basic cable television are themed in a manner that would be wholly inappropriate for children. Among these, Family Guy, American Dad, South Park and Archer stand out as examples of highly popular, long-running cartoons that are rife with hard drug usage, graphic sexual imagery, extreme violence and

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