A Critical Situation Occurring At Riverview Regional Medical Center

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Introduction This week’s case looks at the critical situation occurring at Riverview Regional Medical Center located in Etowah County, Alabama. The medical center, located near a strong competitor, is run by a veteran in the hospital management market, Mr Matt Hayes. Hayes is actively in the process of developing new ideas and revolutionary steps in an attempt to remain competitive in the market and regain profitability. The overall performance of Riverview Regional Medical Center appears to have decreased throughout multiple departments except outpatient surgical procedures, outpatient CT imagining, MRI imagining and inpatient MRI scans. In the same county of Etowah, there are three competitors: Gadsden Regional Medical Center, HealthSouth Corporation and Mountain View Hospital. Of the three mentioned institutes, Gadsden Regional medical Center (GRMC) is the main competitor that targets the same population as Riverview Regional Medical Center (RRMC). Both centers share medical professional privileges and both share the same geographic location. However, RRMC maintains the advantage of being owned and managed by Health Management Associates (HMA) which has proven to be reliable and successful in the management of rural health care organizations and continuously improve revenue. Key Issues RRMC is facing multiple key issues that can prove dangerous to any health care institute. Of these issues, the most critical ones will be mentioned here in to focus the

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