A Critical Study On Marketing Planning

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A Critical study on Marketing Planning

Module Name: Marketing Planning
Student Name: Sad Uddin

Student ID: Lcc20135522
Date of Submission: 07/07/2014

Executive Summary:

Today it is said that customer is the king of new business world. It is consider customers are the key place in new business. Global business process is always changing for only one reason is customer. Customer’s interest is influenced by various factors such as environment, culture, technology and so on. Company’s main focus is to fulfill customer needs and retain profitable customer by increasing life time value of the customer. And for all doing Tasks Company develop a suitable marketing plan to gain the objective in an ethical way. All
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2012 Olympic D1 Critical reflection to justify for distribution policy. 3.5 Timing, design and financial aspects affecting the plan. 09-13
04. Ethics in Marketing and associating ethics in organization. 4.1 Ethical issues influencing marketing planning 4.2 Adidas respond to ethical issues (child labour) 4.3 Consumer ethics for Adidas and its effect on marketing 13-14


Uncertainty exists in each and every step of business and business process. If there is high risk, there is a chance of high profit in return .And the fact depends on perfect operational excellence. SWOT, PESTAL, FIVE FORCES analysis and STP approach help business to find out micro and macro factors that influence business operation. Company can understand about the environment and its customer. Thus it may create high competition among the business world.

01. Changing perspectives of Marketing Sportswear

1.1 Changing perspectives in marketing planning:

At present, Sports merchandising is becoming most profitable business. It has huge potentiality. Some famous companies like Nike, Puma, Adidas, and Bata are leading the sports market nationally internationally. The pattern of sports business takes a new strategic business perspective for the changing of sports
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