A Critical Thinker By Asking Questions

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To exists and live on our terms we must convert our life into a creative project. Only by doing this can we sufficiently challenge ourselves to reach our full potential and figure out what it is that we want to dedicate our life to and how we wish to leave a mark in history. To make our life into a creative project, we must consistently set goals and to be a critical thinker by asking questions. Unfortunately, some obstacles prevent us from living our life on our terms. Dependency and legitimacy are why others have authority over us; however, once we are forced or reasoned to do something, be someone, etc. they lose that power, and that’s the time that we must take action. We are consistently ruled by others and the “norms” that society established whether it is knowingly or unconsciously. The fact that others rule us can eventually cause us to feel alienated and once we recognize that isolation, we begin to rebel. For people to shift from being heteronomy to autonomy, each must go through the Phenomenology of Rebellion. The Phenomenology of Rebellion has four steps: alienation, recognition, confusion, destruction and rebellion. Recognizing that you can be more than you or others think is necessary to the process of autonomy. Asking questions and being a critical thinker helps become more aware of the broken social contract that governs us. We become more conscious of what needs to be fix, change and begin to realize that together we have the power to make these changes. But
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