A Critical Thinking Assignment 2 : Supercomputers, Mainframe Computers, And Personal Computers

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Critical Thinking Assignment 2: Supercomputers, Mainframe Computers, and Personal Computers Nabeel Janjua Info-300-001 Virginia Commonwealth University Abstract: There are many different types and forms of computers. What we see as a fast computer for our personal use is actually nothing compared to computers used by companies to perform vast amount of data gathering and computation. The main difference between computers can be categorized into three different categories. The categories are supercomputers, main computers and personal computers. Effectiveness Criteria Super Computers: A super computer is the fastest of all computer types (Supercomputer). They are super expensive, ranging from…show more content…
It is designed for individual users and provides basic computer functions such as word processing. There are two personal computers nowadays; either Apple Macintoshes or PCs. Throughput According to the latest supercomputer: XC40, it will be capable of transmitting “1.7 Tbps. (Terabytes per second) for internal data transfers. The fastest of any computer in the world“ (Shah). Most mainframe computers have massive throughput due to “the mainframe offloading its input/output processing to a peripheral channel, which is a computer itself.” (Mainframe Dictionary). This enables the computer to focus on throughput instead of the input/output channels. A pc computers throughput does not compare to supercomputers and mainframe computers. Even though you can run multiple programs on a PC, the amount of data transferred is nothing compared to super and mainframe computers. Turnaround Time Have incredibility fast turnaround times due to the vast amount of information being processed each second and only one or a few programs that are running concurrently. Also have fast turnaround times but do not have the same capabilities of supercomputers since mainframe computers support multiple programs at the same time. The turnaround time depends on the application being run or the model of the computer. If it is a newer computer with minimal used space there will be faster turnaround time. If it is an older model with minimal space
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