A Critical Thinking Exercise : The Role Of Religion During World Civilizations

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Critical Thinking Exercise: The Role of Religion in Early World Civilizations

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Students will complete this critical thinking exercise in history as a “thought paper,” but will identify sources for their answers. Students can use the textbook and class notes for sources, but can use other sources. This exercise is in the form of a “short answer format.” This must at least be six full pages, but can be longer if needed. Students are expected to write competent content-based answers and also use acceptable standards of grammar, syntax, sentence structure, spelling, and an overall good writing style. It will be word-processed from this e-format and electronically submitted to the instructor.

• Introduction paragraph: Why has religion been a powerful force in human history (opinion)?

Religion has been a powerful force in human history because mankind has longed and searched for the answers to its purpose, the reason for being and the possibility of life after physical death. They reasoned that an afterlife would be a place of accounting and reckoning for the life they lived on earth. Religious belief systems seemed to give the answers as to how to prepare for the afterlife. Religion became the means of giving answers to those basic yet deep seated questions of both life and death. Religion provided a format of rules and laws for conduct and treatment toward others based on the desires and wishes of a god or gods
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