A Critical Thinking Module 6

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ITS400 Critical Thinking Module 6 IT projects can have a lot of different components to them which creates the potential for more risks. These risks need to be identified, analyzed, and addressed as the project progresses (Schwalbe Ph.D., 2014). There are different types of risk that can affect the implementation of a system that will allow people to manage their own human resource information. A positive risks can produce a project under budget or ahead of schedule, while a negative risks can have adverse effects on a project such as going way over budget. There are also some risks that do not have a positive or negative impact on a project. Identifying risks and addressing them is mostly handled by the program manager. Risk 1: The Right People My college is planning on installing a new information system that will allow authorized users to maintain their own human resource records. To complete this project the team will need to consist of people from Human Resources, Web Design, Networking, Database Administrators, and a test group consisting of employees, customers, and students. If the right people are not chosen for the project, the finished product may not be a success. This is an example of a negative risk. The project manager will need to interview each of the team members to determine if they are the best suited for the job. Their knowledge base will need to be sufficient so that the training needed to complete the project if very little. Meetings will
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