A Critical Tool Of Human Resource Management For Lean Manufacturing At Nike

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As a critical tool of Human resource management for lean manufacturing at Nike, it helps to utilize their labor force’s continuous improvement by providing practices. The management at form of standardized CI such as quality award, institute improvement, external benchmarking programs. Additionally, Nike’s scoring card established to ensure all staffs by performing at Nike’s standards. Though this new standard of factory self-governance, Nike is allowed for notifying their essential attention and resource part with operating voluntarily measurement action. The standard of the stage was put the bronze level to provide an award system to third parties. If third parties operation reach above bronze level, Nike provides award audits to third parties. In the case of opposition, the extra audit need to pay by third parties (Kettering, 2016). The capacity of production in Nike’s operation indicated the valuable and costly to imitate traits without less rare and non- substitutable traits. The concept of lean operation is not unique in any business. All industries are aware of the total quality management with lean operation, but Nike’s adaptation of the concept is competitive advantage compared with other competitors. The performance of implication indicated as the avg. return due to no hazard in their business. Through the lean manufacturing, Nike could enhance their product quality with continuous improvement on their employee’s ability. The Innovation factor is unfavorable for
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