A Critical Understanding Of An Older Adult

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In this reflective essay, I shall be representing a critical understanding of the Risks in view of, an older adult, as an alternative area of practice, to that of my own nursing Adult field. The scenario takes place, within a clinical acute setting, with following the use of Driscolls Reflective Model (1994), Driscoll uses a framework to reflect on the scenario, What? Happened, So, What? How you were feeling at the time, and Now, What? Actions to be taken. However, to maintain confidentiality, which is set by the (NMC) Nursing and midwifery council (2008) all names of places and patients names have been changed and I shall be using the pseudonym Mrs M, for an 85-year older patient.
How do we define what an older person is, without being,
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When the pressure, is not frequently relived, the damage is caused and a pressure ulcer occurs. Judy waterlow (1985) introduced the Waterlow Score, whilst working as a clinical nurse, she designed this as a tool for her students to use as a guidance, for a risk assessment tool, to help in maintaining skin integrity. Waterlow (1985) suggests, that as a nurse professional, we can only use this as a guide, we must also use our own judgment, in defining the risks of the patient in our care. The cost implications to treatment of pressure ulcer care is expensive, costing the national healthcare service provider millions, with additional longer stay in hospital, the cost of each pressure ulcer and even reconstructive surgery, also with the additional suffering, of the patient at hand, the importance of minimizing the risks to pressure ulcer prevention, is imperative. Not only to bring, the costs down, but to serve our public, to the best of, our ability, in bringing excellence, in the care provided (Dziedzic, 2014).
First stage: What happened, whilst out on my nursing placement, in clinical practice, I was allocated to a bay of patients to care for, these consisted of 7 female patients, with a variety of care complex mobility needs. During my shift, I assisted the patients with personal care, helping them to wash and dress for the day, with nutrition and assisting the patients out of the bay to use the toilet and aiding them in their mobility.

On this
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