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A Critical View of Seasonal Affective Disorder Abstract This paper is intended to be a critical view of Seasonal Affective Disorder. In order to understand fully the biological and psychological components of the disease, as well as its possible causes and treatments, it is necessary to compile and interpret previously conducted research. Such is the purpose of this paper. First, the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder will be explained and illustrated using data and case studies. Second, the possible causes of the disease will be outlined. Third, proposed treatments will be presented as possible solutions to this debilitating disease. A Critical View of Seasonal Affective Disorder…show more content…
The two winters before referral [, when the boy was three,] the patient complained of fatigue and apathy from October onward. He had been easily irritated, suffered from anxiety, and avoided his friends. He had needed more sleep than previously and have been difficult to awaken in the morning. His teachers described him as dreamy and absent-minded during the winter but energetic during the summer” (Ybe Meesters, 1998)       The symptoms of the boy were published, and struck a chord with the psychological community. Not only were they consistent with Rosenthal’s findings, but also their detailed description allowed for a greater amount of patients to identify with the disease, thus making SAD a clear and applicable diagnosis. After Meesters modified Rosenthal’s definition, it was possible to diagnose correctly many more patients under the umbrella of SAD. Thus, as greater numbers of people were diagnosed, observed trends began to develop. Three in particular were noticed early on, and continue to prove true today. They included an overall lower rate of SAD in children compared to the general population, an increasing diagnosis rate in adolescents, and a much higher rate in adult females versus males. One study that became instrumental in establishing concrete evidence for the rates in children and adolescents was conducted after the inherent trends were noticed throughout the general population.

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