A Critical of Awareness of Social Issues within Popular Culture

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John Harris’s article “Pussy Riot: The Power of Punk” explains that social change can occur rapidly in popular culture than in politics. The popular cultural process of change is rather a process of creating awareness to social issues than an immediate action. Popular culture, in its various forms, is the essential motivator of awareness of social issues leading to an increase of discernment amongst the masses and lay about the foundation for change to arise. This paper is focused on how awareness can be achieved through certain factors in culture which includes the power of social media to spread news due to the globalization of communicational processes, musical genres that co-exist with countercultures to bring issues into the public eye, and gatherings of people with a common belief that are striving for change.
Through the Internet, social media outlets easily connect billions to websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit making them quite popular sources to gather updated information. Globalization has made it possible to have information readily available to users on the web and can create awareness to social issues that are occurring in the immediate present. Recently, the internet gave awareness to the story of Edward Snowden published online by the Guardian which revealed the United States NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance of its citizens causing a 55% disapproval rate amongst Americans for such activities (Gallup, par. 1) leading the agency to remove many of
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