A Critics Opinion of a Doll's House

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Destiny Maxfield
Mrs. Collar
Engl. 1302
19 November 2012
A Critic’s Opinion of A Doll’s House In Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House many views could be seen from both sides of the gender world. Critics will argue about the true meaning of the story and why Ibsen wrote the story. The main points of the play that critics discuss are sexuality i.e. feminism, the wrong doing of the father figure, and spiritual revolution. I believe these critics are each right in their own way from my understanding of the play and their ideas about the play. Sexuality or, in the case of A Doll’s House, feminism plays a huge role in how Nora ends the play for the readers. As I read through several criticisms of this play the main one that stuck out to me was how
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Linde…is the victim of an absent father. To support her sick mother and her brothers…she married a man she did not love. The absence of her father forced her to seek a new father figure in a rich husband, but he too fails in the role. By depicting the father as absent or polluted, Ibsen defames the patriarchal figure” (Rosefeldt). A morally polluted father is the next type that is depicted in the play not only for Nils Krogstad but for Dr. Rank as well. I read that, “Nils Krogstad…he has committed forgery…he has covered up the crime…every breath the children take in [his home] is filled with the germs of something degenerate” (Rosefeldt). In those times fatherhood stood for everything that mattered in life and society. “Fatherhood is connected with a moral disease that will infect and destroy the lives of the children” (Rosefeldt). Paul Rosefeldt also explains that, “…because Rank’s father kept mistresses and contracted syphilis, Rank inherited the disease…must suffer for ‘somebody else’s sins’…fatherhood itself is connected to universal pollution” (Rosefeldt). Nora is told several times she is just like her father which keeps on with the polluted father figure, “her carelessness about debt, Helmer states that she is ‘exactly the way your father was’…’all your father’s flimsy values have come out in you’…the father has passed on his corruption to his child. But the influence was also passed on to

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