A Critique Of An Intake Form

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Intake Form Critique In this paper, I will provide a critique of an intake form typically utilized by community behavioral health agencies in the state of Arizona. For providers managed by Cenpatico, the regional behavioral health provider (RBHA), the intake process involves completion of the CORE assessment. When a Case Manager or Recovery Coach refers a client to other specialty agencies, a copy of the CORE assessment is required. In a way, it is standard form utilized by many providers. Each agency may have different procedures whether the CORE is completed by staff on paper or via a computer through respective electronic health record systems. For our agency, the CORE is completed online with conditional logic where it allows the…show more content…
This leads to an intake session extending beyond two hours, hindering the rapport between the Clinician or client. Intake sessions that take considerable time may also discourage the client to return to the next session due to fear that all services will be lengthy and tedious. To reduce these incidents but to also ensure a comprehensive assessment, the Clinician should be well versed with the order of questions to transition effectively. A Clinician who is also familiar with the CORE can jump to various sections as the client provide relevant data, which is more effective than asking to hold their thoughts until the appropriate section is reached.
Are the questions reading level appropriate for the clients? Please explain your answer. The CORE is designed to be utilized in an interview or discussion format, not as a self-report questionnaire to be written in by the client. But in regards to the reading level, the CORE is appropriate for staff and clinicians with at least a high school diploma. The language utilized is also meant for a lay audience with minimal mental health jargons. Some examples of questions within the CORE include: “what are you seeking help for today?”, “how often are these an issue for you?” and “how will you know if things are better/improving?” (Cenpatico Integrated Care, 2006, pg. 14-15).
Are the intake forms available in the language appropriate for the population the agency serves?
In addition to English, the CORE
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