A Critique Of Chivalry In The Film Excalibur

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Chivalry in Excalibur
(A critique of Chivalry in Excalibur)

What are the main ideals of chivalry? More importantly, who followed and lived by the code of chivalry? Knights during the time of King Arthur were notorious for following the ideals of chivalry, and an honorable knight would follow these ideals till the end of his time. Chivalry is a combination of Christian and military ideals including: courage, honesty, faith, respect, loyalty and humility. In the movie Excalibur the life of King Arthur is followed from the days before his conception to the end of his life. King Uther Pendragon used magic from a sorcerer with immense supernatural powers named Merlin to change his appearance to look like the Duke; so, that he could sleep with the Duke’s wife. However, Merlin made lustful Uther Pendragon promise that whatever came out of this union would be his, and Merlin ends up getting Arthur from this union. Arthur grows up as a squire raised by another family who happen to be knights. Arthur soon finds out that he is going to be the next King of England and finds out that his father was the great Uther Pendragon. Throughout the movie Excalibur there are many instances and examples of chivalry in many different scenes. Ultimately, three of my favorite scenes exhibit instances of chivalry in the movie Excalibur. In the movie Excalibur one of my favorite scenes is when Arthur shows respect to the knights who are against him in the Civil War he indirectly caused. Likewise, Arthur is brave and modest to fight in the Civil War amongst his fellow knights. King Arthur is the great unifier, and he understands that he must show respect to his opposing force if he wants to gain their loyalty. In the middle of the battle in the Civil War Arthur goes up to the knight who is the leader of those against him and asks him to knight him since he is not an official knight yet. The leader of the knights against Arthur had a change of heart and honored that Arthur demonstrated respect and humility in asking him to knight him. The leader of the knights against Arthur in the Civil War then drew his sword and knighted King Arthur. The aftermath of this event resulted in the opposing knights entreating King Arthur to permit them

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