A Critique Of Sandra Salmans ' Fighting That Old Devil Rumor

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A Critique of Sandra Salmans “Fighting That Old Devil Rumor” This essay aims to provide an analysis and evaluation of Sandra Salmans article “Fighting That Old Devil Rumor” published in the Saturday Evening Post, October 1982. “Fighting That Old Devil Rumor,” is an article highlighting Procter and Gamble 's efforts to clear the controversial rumors created by a few individuals of rival companies that hoped to tarnish Procter and Gambles reputation and image in the business sector. Salmans states “The rumors first appearing about two years ago, essentially contend that Procter’s 132- year-old trademark, which shows the man in the moon and 13 states representing the original colonies, is a symbol of Satanism and devil worship”. (Salmans 223) The accusations led to Procter and Gamble to file lawsuits against individuals associated with the Amway and McCords corporations. Salmans main purpose is to inform her readers of current legal battles being pursued by Procter and Gamble in discrediting false rumors, which were causing a threat to the company 's sales and reputation. Salmans also debates the issue of rumors and provides actual opinions concerning the rumors from a variety of sources, mainly the prosecutors, defense and church ministers to provide the reader with opposite views. I believe that rumors are usually created due to rivalry, anger, jealousy or hate either amongst individuals or corporations. Rumors most often hinder a person character, beliefs or
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