A Critique Of The Declaration Of Independence Written By Thomas Jefferson

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I wrote this on three hours of sleep (A Critique of The Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson) In 1776, the Continental congress elected that Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston help write what many now know today to be The Declaration of Independence. The whole point of this document being written was to declare to Great Britain and King George III that the British colonies in North America would no longer be a part of Great Britain, but rather of their own free states, thus creating the United States of America and declaring independence from Great Britain. Because of what The Declaration of Independence stood for, it has been regarded highly throughout American history and literature, constantly being studied and questioned. Many people see this document as an amazing thing, as something that is hopeful, but is The Declaration (of Independence) really all they make it out to be? Does it still hold the same meaning back then that it did today? Though standing for a good cause, The Declaration by Thomas Jefferson has been muddled by the word choice and the risks stated throughout the document. The first question that comes up when reading The Declaration is the use of the word “men,” as it is stated several times throughout the document, and this brings up questions on where women stand in this situation. For example, are there perhaps some patriarchal elements to The Declaration? When Thomas
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