A Critique Of The New Policies On Elite Female Athletes

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Title: Out of Bounds? A Critique of the New Policies on Hyperandrogenism in Elite Female Athletes
Author(s): Katrina Karkazis, Rebecca Jordan-Young, Georgiann Davis, Silvia Camporesi

Keywords: feminist ethics, gender/ sexuality, intersex
Research Question/Problem: The policies concerning female athletics were unfair and targeted only women and not men.
Method/Approach: Describing the IAAF and IOC policies and uses an example of a female athlete (Caster Semenya).
Argument/Conclusion: The policies concerning female athletics are made to seem fair but at the same time they target only those women who look more masculine than the others and as a result intensify the “gender policies” that plagues women’s sports.

Argument Outline:
-policies of sex-testing are intended for women with high androgen levels (hyperandrogenism)
-there is a focus on the testosterone hormone since it is presumed that women who have a high level of testosterone have an unfair advantage against other women.
-women known or suspected to have hyperandrogenism would be allowed to compete only if they agreed to medical intervention or if they were found to be “insensitive” to androgens.
-Caster Semenya who won the women 's 800 meter race was questioned to whether or not she was really a woman. She had an intersex condition that left her without her uterus and ovaries and had androgen levels that were three times of regular women. Due to the testing done on her she went into hiding and…

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