A Critique On Human Development Research

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A critique on human development research paper Title of Article: The Need for Pretend Play in Child Development Author: Scott Barry Kaufman PH.D. (co authors: Jerome L. Singer and Dorothy G. Singer) Source of Article: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/beautiful-minds/201203/the-need-pretend-play-in-child-development The article I chose to critique for my paper is focused on early childhood development, starting around age two to about age seven. The article focuses on research that has been done about pretend play, and how necessary it is for a child’s cognitive development. I did not find that the article was meant to be specific to one type of audience. I think it could be beneficial to anyone who reads it. I would say it is probably more significant to parents and teachers who work with young children because they would be the adults that nurture a young child’s development. I would not rule out, however, that it would be a good article for students. This is article is informative to those studying childhood, or developmental psychology. In fact, it relates to a lot of theories we have discussed over the semester. The topic of the article states the importance of imagination in child play. The authors suggest that imaginary play is beneficial to a child’s social and intellectual development. The article states that imaginary play should be encouraged at schools, or at the very least tolerated. It even mentions that the use of pretend games in certain subjects
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