A Critique of the Article 'Progressive Resistance Exercise in Physical Therapy: A Summary of Systematic Reviews'

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Progressive resistance exercise (PRE) is reported as a method of "increasing the ability of muscles to generate force." (Taylor, Dodd, and Damiano, 2005, p.1208) It is however reported that the efficacy and safety of PRE for clients in physical therapy are unknown. (Taylor, Dodd, and Damiano, 2005, paraphrased) Taylor, Dodd, and Damiano state three principles of PRE, which are stated as follows: (1) performing a small number of repetitions until feeling fatigued; (2) allowing enough rest between exercises for the individual to feel recovered; and (3) increasing the resistance as the ability of the individual to generate force grows. (2005, p.1209)
I. Examination of Study Objective and Design
The American College of Sports Medicine is reported to make recommendations of loads that correspond to between eight and twelve maximum repetitions in one to three sets and for two to three days per week. It is reported that PRE has been typically used by healthy young athletes but it is stated that PRE has shown potential health benefits for the entire community and specifically in the…
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