A Critique on Freakonomics, A Nobel by Levitt and Dubner

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In Levitt and Dubner’s novel, Freakonomics, they deal with the sensitive subject of abortions in chapter four. During this section, Levitt and Dubner are purposing that the drop of crime is not because of the many popular ideas they address but instead because of abortions becoming legalized. Providing proof to their argument, they list out all the popular ideas that many people believe to be the cause of the drop in crime and then one by one explain why these ideas could not fit into the massive crime drop. After explaining the list of popular ideas, they finally come out and state what their take on the crime drop is and explaining why they believe this explanation instead of the ones listed before (115-145). Levitt and Dubner’s flow of writing and logic are shown very strong in this section and provide an easy and understandable read to the audience. Using this form of writing also creates an easier understanding for when they get to their point and distracts the reader into taking account of what they say instead of how offensive it is.
In the beginning of the chapter Levitt and Dubner tell the story the story of how a Communist dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu, set a new law to have abortions illegalized and how it ended up backfiring on him (115-117). Opening with a story, they were able to grab the reader’s attention while also proving a point to their main argument about how legalizing or illegalizing a law can create a huge impact on the country. While the
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