A Critique on Romantic Ideals in Mary Shelleys Frankenstein

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Dr. Bianca Tredennick English 102-10 February 14, 2007 “But Sorrow Only Increased with Knowledge:” A Critique on Romantic Ideals in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Romantics, individuals living during 1789-1830, expressed their ideas and imaginations in attempt to escape the conformity and imitation of the past Neo-Classical era. These individuals focused on surpassing the boundaries of human nature as well as their personal experiences spiritually, psychologically, physically and emotionally. These choices made by humans started to push the limits of physical nature using the acquirement of knowledge to its fullest extent. We discover multiple characters in this novel Frankenstein published in 1818 that replicate ideal Romantic figures. It…show more content…
The more education and eloquence the creature acquires the more he discovers about his own creation. The lab notes he found made him realize his disgustful disposition and the abhorrent process of his own fabrication. Though the monster tried to set aside the reality of his history, he cannot avoid his mechanical truth of his puzzle pieced exterior stitched together leading to explanation that the creature more knowledge acquires, the more dismayed he becomes. In essence, the education that blends the creature closer to a part of society, lights up what could not be seen before. It was not until he began to attain a more sophisticated nature that he could not explain why everyone he encountered ran in terror from his wretchedness. Now that knowledge has become an integrated part of his being, the ability of understanding has led him to understand why he is not accepted not only upon his encounter with the DeLacey’s but with society as a whole through the evidence the lab notes provide. Along with the notes, the creature finds three books in the woods that also have a tremendous affect on the comprehension of his self-image through the ideas and comments they suggest leading him into a new light of understanding. One of the books that had the most emotional effect on Victor’s creation was
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