A Cross Sectional Study On Women

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A Cross Sectional Study
Between Battered Women Who Endure and Relinquish Violence

Josiah Marie B. Carreon
AB Psychology


For the past 30 years, violence had increase against women within abusive relationships, why women stay and endure the pain and why they relinquish violence. Women who are being battered share certain observable characteristics. Speaking with a battered woman should reveal these characteristics and help to identify her as a sufferer of Battered Women Syndrome.

In 1970, an group that is focused on abused women had joined another women’s group to fight the
In 1970 a support group concerning abused and battered women joined forces with other women’s group in order to suppress the ongoing abuse to women and create programs such as sexual assault centres, counselling, and victim service, to help overcome the stress of the abused victims as well as prevent such disgraceful demeanour (Artega,2016). These programs was created a decade ago, and still abuse victim cases seemed to be ongoing in society and the victims are even allowing such abuse to occur ,even with all the stress and burden that is being put upon them by their husband. Such incidents is what drive this study to determine the psychological factors that let women endure physical violence ,as well as determine and compare the difference of the personalities of battered women who endure violence and to ones that don’t. And this research seeks to identify
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