A Cultural Biography Within The First Week I

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At the beginning of this course if I were asked to write a cultural biography within the first week I would have not known where to start. Through the extensive discussions online and in class I have been able to recognize more about my own culture in ways I had never thought about. Through my past experiences up until entering university, culture had never been a topic of interest or seen as a necessity in my life as there were not many differences both culturally and racially around me. However, through analyzing the readings and my own experiences I have been able to take a deeper look at my life experiences as well as my own views and how it has impacted who I am today. Starting at my roots or heritage, my father’s side of the family comes from Scotland. He is an immigrant himself, however from a European country where English is the language which allowed him to adapt to Canada very easily. In his case he came over when he was young enough so that he does not show signs of any Scottish accent, whereas my Grandpa has a thick accent since he was much older when he immigrated to Canada (Coehlo, 2004, p. 151; Samway & McKeon, 2007). Although Scottish people speak English, they have a dialect different from Canadian English which in some cases may even make it seem like they are talking another language as I know in my grandpa’s case. My mother’s side of the family has been in Newfoundland as far back as the first settlements created there. My mother’s family is
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