A Cultural Determination of Meaning Essay

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HUM-101-010 Written Assignment 4 A Cultural Determination of Meaning Throughout historic culture, we can identify several changes in philosophical thought. Through the emergence of romanticism, we see a realization that, through passion, the paths of the hero and saint can be merged. In the agony and ecstasy of Michelangelo, it is obvious how the paths of hero and saint can be merged in the form of art, to attempt to reconcile the tension between them. In the enlightenment patterns of cultural mutation, we begin to realize that the way we converge the two paths depends on the historical context in which we view them. And finally, as a response to his cultural climate, Kierkegaard’s portrayal of Abraham shows how the hero-saint…show more content…
This stems directly from the Greek ideal of the tragic hero and builds on romanticism, and Michelangelo portrays this in his Roman Pieta. Through the idea of the parent’s loss of the child, he is able to display heroism in the mother, through the depiction of the biblical figures of Mary and Jesus. Michelangelo is reacting to a certain cultural context by combining contemplation with faith – the Florentine Renaissance and the timeless dynamic of human existence that he observed while in Rome. This leads us to the fact that these thought patterns are influenced by the culture in which they are observed through the changes in philosophical thought in the enlightenment. During the enlightenment patterns of cultural mutations, there is a growing emphasis on morality to determine one’s faith. Luther describes the individual as being responsible for his/her identity as a child of God. Science re-inserts the impersonal worldview of the hero into a Christian culture. The rise of capitalism brings the idea that human identity is based on a cultural environment which is organized in economic terms – with an emphasis on competitive advantage. All of these mutations point to the fact that the tensions between the two paths are unable to be merged into one path; they swing in one direction or the other, based on the cultural climate. This brings us to a need to define one path
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