A Cultural Experience in New Zealand: A Journey With the Maori People

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Cultural Experience Exploration Account: A Cultural Experience in New Zealand: A Journey with the Mauri People Cultural Experience: Exploration Account Introduction As a Korean I had a little bit of a culture clash when I visited. Starting off, New Zealand is a welcoming nation and the natives are very warm, polite persons, although a little on the reserved side. Research shows that the visitors and tourist of this nation are looked to act in this same demeanor. People that are rude and arrogant are frowned upon. New Zealanders are a people that lay great importance on the proper pronunciation of Maori words names and words. The Tapu or sacred parts for instance meeting places or families or Mauri will need to be treated with greatest respect. It is also good to remember to do away with footwear before entering these places. The eating area and food provision place of Maori homes too are not to be handled with hands that are unclean. If you are planning on taking pictures of these Maur assemblies do make sure that you are getting permission before this happens. Also as a Korean tourist unaware, it was important to remember to evade from always using the "V for victory" sign and no matter what abstain from mentioning either North or South New Zealand isles as continental as this upsets the susceptibilities of the populaces. It was also very vital to remember to read everything on New Zealand before staying in the country and do not never make the mistake of referring
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