A Cultural Quiz On Our Global Business Environment

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Introduction We will discuss the importance of understanding various cultures as they relate to our global business environment. I took two cultural quizzes from They were the cross cultural quiz 1 and the quiz on Iran. We will discuss my results, my strengths and weak areas, a plan for improvement to increase my cultural knowledge, and finally we will discuss why it is so important for leaders and managers to increase our cultural awareness.
I was a little surprised that I did not do better on the cross cultural quiz. I scored four out of seven on this quiz. I missed the Saudi workers question, the Argentina business meeting question, and the Thai associate question. On the Iran quiz I scored three out of five. I really knew nothing about Iran so I wanted to see how I would do. I am not surprised by my score on this quiz. I missed the question about greeting the woman and the negotiation question.
I believe my strength is understanding how important personal relations are when it comes to doing business with people from other cultures. I was deployed to Kyrgyzstan for five months and I had the honor to interact with multiple Kyrgyz individuals. They are a hospitable, genuine and humble people. I was able to form important and fruitful relationships because I sought to develop a knowledge of their culture and place a higher value on personal relationships over business dealings. My experience was, as they began to trust me as a
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