A Culture Of Perfection : Media 's Influence On Adolescents

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Rachel Uhland Professor Joshua Fleming English 101 5 July 2015 A Culture of Perfection: Media’s Influence on Adolescents Comparison. It is one of the most dangerous and detrimental habits within our society. We fall into a routine of “self-checking” ourselves against others; mentally taking notes of what we can improve and what we are doing better. We all know that comparison often takes its’ toll on our confidence and self-worth; what we may not realize, however, is how early these destructive habits begin and why. The media’s influence is everywhere and its’ messages are instilled in us from a very young age. The body images promoted by the media implant an unrealistic view of what is “beautiful” and perpetuate eating disorders,…show more content…
Young girls, especially between ages 10 to 18 years old often suffer from low-self esteem and therefore are more likely to get caught up in the habit of comparing themselves to others. Children do not possess the logic or reasoning to look at images portrayed in media as “fabricated” and that is exactly what they need to be exposed as; fabricated, Photoshopped, false interpretations of reality. Media promotes a never-ending emphasis on physical appearance. Because of this, American culture has produced a standard of female beauty that is unrealistic and unattainable (Derenne, Eugene, and Beresin, 2006). The media tells us that perfection is achievable and they prove it by parading the images of models and actresses on every magazine cover, billboard, beauty product and television commercial. Young girls are constantly bombarded with the message that their personal value is dependent on their physical appearance. Sure, we can raise our children to know that their worth isn’t dependent on arbitrary things such as physical appearance, but what influence can we really have when media’s influence is reaching them through computers, magazines, television, and even their cellphones? Media’s control in society is undeniable and it is easily seen by its’ ability to persuade women to buy beauty products, have surgeries, trying rapid weight loss diets, or even starving themselves if it means they will finally meet the
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