A Culture Of Perfection : Media 's Influence On Adolescents

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Rachel Uhland
Professor Joshua Fleming
English 101
5 July 2015

A Culture of Perfection: Media’s Influence on Adolescents

Comparison. It is one of the most dangerous and detrimental habits within our society. We fall into a routine of “self-checking” ourselves against others; mentally taking notes of what we can improve and what we are doing better. We all know that comparison often takes its’ toll on our confidence and self-worth; what we may not realize, however, is how early these destructive habits begin and why. The media’s influence is everywhere and its’ messages are instilled in us from a very young age. The body images promoted by the media implant an unrealistic view of what is “beautiful” and perpetuate eating disorders, low-self esteem, and depression among adolescents, especially females. Young girls are being raised in a society that tells them they are “not enough”. They are not thin enough, beautiful enough, sexy enough, or feminine enough to deserve the title “woman”. It is time to put a stop to media’s manipulation and lies. Adolescence is a very transformative period in one’s life. There are many changes that dramatically impact how children view and carry themselves. This is an essential developmental stage as their bodies are changing, they are increasingly more and more independent of parental supervision, and they are extremely susceptible to outside influences. A significant challenge to young girls during this period is to embrace pubertal…

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