A Cure For Wellness Movie Analysis

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A Cure for Wellness Throughout the movie, A Cure for Wellness, many elements and themes of the gothic genre are brought to the surface. The story follows a young American man, Lockhart, who is sent to a mysterious sanitarium in the Swiss Alps by his company’s board to retrieve a former CEO. Throughout the movie, Lockhart discovers many disturbing underlying factors of this strange rehabilitation center. A Cure for Wellness focuses on two of the major themes, The Nature of Evil and The Impact of Technology/Science on Humanity. The evil found in this movie begins through an old tale about the things that had happened at the sanitarium two hundred years ago. The baron of the property desired an heir of pure blood and believed his…show more content…
The center is set high on a hill, away from the rest of the village, with castle like features, such as stone and iron-wrought gates and windows. There’s also many dark, hidden passageways and areas leaving Lockhart to wonder what exactly is going on behind closed doors. An ancient prophecy is connected with the site of the sanitarium, as well. The old tale of the baron haunts the property and those of the village. Hannah, a young and innocent character is also preyed upon in the movie. She is a peculiar character because she’s younger than all the rest of the patients at the sanitarium. Later in the movie, Lockhart makes the connection that Volmer is actually the baron and Hannah is his daughter. Hannah has her first menstrual cycle and Volmer celebrates with an elaborate ball because she is “becoming a woman”. He then leads Hannah to a secret room, built in the ruins of the castle, and prepares to rape her and continue his “pure blood line” as he tried to do before. The movie, A Cure for Wellness, relates to many of the pieces read in Fright Fiction this year. I think it greatly relates to “The Lottery” in many ways. “The Lottery” focuses on the acts of tradition and carrying them out each year. In A Cure for Wellness, Volmer is trying to keep his sadistic ways going and keep the “pure blood line” going. Also, the idea of murdering selfless and unknowing people is a parallel between both pieces of work. At the sanitarium, people believe they

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