A Current View Of Shiite Terrorist Organization

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Although there are many terrorist activities brought to the public’s attention daily, most people only have awareness of a few prominent terrorist groups. Terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah have made a significant impact in parts of the world, yet few people have heard of them. Throughout this paper, characteristics of Hezbollah will be examined such as, formation, leaders, purpose, influences, financial support, associations and their impact to the world. Finally, this paper will present a current view of the Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah. Hezbollah, a radical Shi’a Muslim group located in southern Lebanon was formed with the purpose of liberating Jerusalem through establishing an Islamic government across the Arab world as well as the group does not acknowledge the authority of the State of Israel. There are many names that Hezbollah has been referred to such as Party of God, Organization by the Oppressed of Earth, and the Revolutionary Justice Organization. The United States State Department labeled Hezbollah a foreign terrorist organization. In 1982, the Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah was founded as part of the Iranian’s government and led by religious clerics. Although it was founded then, Hezbollah’s foundation was formed around June 4th, 1967 which was the start to the six-day war. After announcing the foundation of Hezbollah by Ali Akbar Motashemi, Sheikh Subhi Tufaili became the first secretary general. Within the next couple years

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