`` A Cyborg Manifesto `` By Donna Haraway

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We invented machines to fulfill our necessities. As machines get smarter in the 21th century, we give machines more permissions and freedom to do more things for us. However, the new generations that are born with all the advanced technologies they needed don’t quite understanding the use of machines as we are more relying on them. The machines are quickly expanding and replacing our brains and bodies even it is a simple task to do. But if we step back a little and think that we are the inventors of these modern machines. Are we scare of machines taking over our societies or is it just our fear and curiosity that tricked us? Well, we now cannot live without machines. Human and machine are bonded together tightly that we can’t identify who we really are. We become cyborg which is a more accurate term to describe who we are now.
The reading “A Cyborg Manifesto” by Donna Haraway points out that we are cyborgs. There is no difference between human and machine and this boundary has been breached. Cyborgs are a hybrid of machine and organism. They often appear in the science fiction. Haraway describes that machines are now doing most of our works while we just sit back and watch them doing what they suppose to do. It feels like the machines are becoming alive and we are the one that rarely doing anything. However, we are still on the top of the hierarchy no matter how machines will change our lives, we are still on the top of the food chain. But even so, we can’t ignore that
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