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Case #3
A&D High Tech (A): Managing Projects for Success:
A Negative View
1. What is the estimated project completion date? (Assume there are no holidays and ignore the sunk cost of the planning team’s effort)
The estimated project completion date is TUE 11/13/13 with duration of 127 days. After leveling and re-allocating work along the project line, the project got delayed for 3 days so that the completion day moved up to FRI 11/21/13 (total duration of 130 days). (MS Project 2007)
2. What is the total cost? How much of the total cost are labor costs? Capital costs?
Total Cost: $98,500 + $844,980 = $943,480
Labor Cost: $ 844,980 (given result of project)
Capital Cost:
(12 Windows 2000 workstations*$3,000) + (5 Window
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* Project can not be delivered by scheduled date.
* Changes are required to scope, time, and cost.
Under present circumstances project would be delayed by 431 days, no way to deliver on project completion date of November 18th, 2003.
Senior managers were adamant about project scope, so changes will be unlikely here.
Approve more funds to hire more resources, unclear how many will be needed to gain this amount of time from the duration.
Allow the delivery to be delayed, this will ease the strain, (personal and mental) on resources, but will increase costs.
3. What is (are) the critical path(s) in the project? What is the level of risk in completing tasks on the critical path(s)? Explain.
Analyzing the critical path, there is a high level risk as it runs parallel to itself, more than one task at a particular time could delay project. Some other tasks run parallel to the critical path and have same duration; a delay in one of these tasks will change the critical path and delay the whole project.
Resources overuse
4. What is your opinion on the potential for the project to be completed on time?
Due to the high risk and tight schedule of the online store project, it has a high possibility to delay and go behind schedule. And we would like to suggest some opinion about the management of the project to avoid the overtime of the project and
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