A&D High Tech Case

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1. Assuming that there are no holidays other than weekends and ignoring the sunk cost of the planning team’s effort, what is the expected project completion date? The expected project completion date was Nov 19, 2003 because the project started for May 26, 2003 and the project duration was 127 days. After rearranging the tasks of the project, however, the project needed 4 less days to be achieved, so the expected project completion data would be delayed to Nov 13, 2003 with the project duration of 123 days. 2. What is the total cost? How much of the total cost are labor cost & capital cost? Labor cost: Total Cost as of May 26 2003: $98,500 + $795,180 = $893,680 Labor Cost: $ 795,180 Capital Cost: (12 Windows 2000…show more content…
2) The project manager could employ some interns to help with the works which would be delayed. 3) The project manager could perform resource leveling to solve the overallocations, for example, by shifting some tasks within their slack allowances. 4. Analyze and discuss the potential for the project to be completed on time. What would you recommend to Chris Johnson as well as the CIO? Based on the original project schedule, it seems that the project could be achieved on time. However, there still is a high possibility that the project would fail to be completed on schedule because of some issues, such as human resource over-allocation, delayed works as of Aug 26 2003, and so on. To make sure that the project could be finished on time, Chris Johnson and

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