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This paper looks at the movie; A Dangerous Method directed by David Cronenberge is based on true life events that happened on the eve of the World War 1. This movie brings out the theories, techniques, and the central characters in the early history of psychoanalysis. It brings out the effectiveness of psychoanalysis method and shows the risks and dangers encountered when entering the unconscious mind. This movie takes a look at these through the life of Carl Jung who was one of the founding fathers of psychoanalysis. It also takes a glimpse into the turbulent relationship between a doctor, his mentor, and his patient. The paper will begin by giving a short
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Jung and Dr. Feud start having a father-son relationship. Dr. Feud hopes that Dr. Jung will be his successor but a deep rift develops when Dr. Jung moves away from Dr. Feud’s belief that even though psychoanalysis can reveal the cause of psychological problems, it cannot cure a patient. He was also willing to go beyond Freud’s concept psychic determinism and sexuality, and bring ideas that include religion, premonitions, supernatural, and telepathy.
This movie brings out some interesting facts about psychoanalysis. Doctors in this field are different from others because they attempt to have rationale on the irrationality of emotions. The main aim is to analyze why behaviors deviate from the normal norm. This film shows a main idea of clinical psychology. People can go through profound amount of suffering which from outside sources or self-imposed. This movie successfully brings out the depth of emotional suffering that one can go through and brings out therapy in action. Cronenberg brings out the extent of sufferings that a patient goes through. Sabina’s behavior is seen moving from relative calmness into a violent behavior. Her eyes are seen poping out of her head, her limbs convulse, and her jaw spasms in a non-human way. Her mind tortures her in a way that this manifests physically. Dr. Jung uses his treatment “talking cure” to help Sabina find out the source of her hysteria. This treatment helps her answer the question why her mind is torturing
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