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Case Study: The Dannon Company Teresa P. Cambare Southern New Hampshire University OL-690 X3474 Responsible Corp Leadership Term [pic] 13TW3 Case Study: The Dannon Company The Dannon Company is a subsidiary of Danone whose heritage dates back to 1919 and founded by Isaac Carasso in Spain. When Carasso immigrated into the United States in 1942, he established Dannon Milk Products, Inc. in New York, changing Danone into “Dannon” to make the name sound more American. Like most startup companies, Dannon faced challenges as a company until several decades after, in 1988, when Dannon capitalized on the advantages of having an FDA approval that they had one of their first most successful product launches. Since…show more content…
Being Dannon’s CSR Manager, Binney’s concerns pointed directly to the complexity of using the company’s CSR programs as a marketing message where it will require a carefully structured campaign that can clearly articulate what Dannon has done and distinguish it from its parent company’s contributions. While Arosio, Pollock, Sargent, and Binney were able to point out both the positive and negative sides of communicating the company’s CSR efforts, Jove, Vice President of Marketing, and Cicio, Vice president of Human Resources, did not have any reservations in voicing out the true risks of the idea. According to Jove, since the U.S. population is still an emerging market for yogurt, the timing for communicating Dannon’s CSR as a marketing message would be premature. He knew very well that the current challenge is to get the American consumers to “want yogurt first” before making them “want Dannon”. Jove quoted, “I cannot put the chariot in front of the horse. First is product. Then we can enrich it with community and social activities.” (Marquis et al., 2011, p.11). Alongside Jove opposition to the idea, Cicio’s main concerns communicated its potential “moral dilemma”. He reminded Neuwirth of the bold conflict that the idea can bring by mixing CSR concepts as a marketing effort and

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