A Daring Paradigm

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Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm
Jolly Joseph
Grand Canyon University
HLT-310V Spirituality in Health Care
Professor: Patricia Mullen

Healing is the process of restoring the wellness. It can also refer as curing or soundness. While healing process is underway, the person who gets healed is achieving a spiritual totality. Healing takes place when a person becomes ill. During this restoring process, the illness is completely eradicated and allows the patient to gain maximum health before the illness. Healing is required for those who are suffering from serious illness. Healing is the way to obtain wellness and restoration of spirituality.
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This is very clear from the name itself. In the context of radical loving care the patient gets the loving care from all the caregivers. This makes the patient satisfied and shows the fulfillment of patient’s necessary. According to www.newsreview.com, “It brings tears to my eyes how well they treat you here, the Chico resident said, these are the most caring people I’ve ever seen” (Cantu, 2011). In the article the author explains how the loving care of the staff is given to their patients. Also, the loving care is very much related to the spirituality. Spirituality has a vital role in all of the three vital components of the healing hospital. Especially, the most important component of healing hospital, culture of radical loving care, has relationship to spirituality.
Also, there are many challenges for healing hospitals in five characteristics such as, technology and prescription drugs, business factors, bureaucracy, cynicism, and failed leadership. According to Chapman, it is clear that the importance of loving care has decreased as technology enhancement and scientific learning increased (2007). If we consider business factors, it is true that the way we spent money is what we see as valuable for us. By utilizing this many of the old charitable hospitals became high revenue corporations in these days. Therefore, business factors are crucial. Another challenging factor of the healing hospital is bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is very obvious while evaluating what
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