A Dark And Stormy Night

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On a dark and stormy night, young Jonathan Russell received a package from his father. His father wouldn’t tell him of the contents, only insuring him that his mother would tell explain everything to him when he was older. As his father was leaving to an unknown destination, he made Jonathan promise him that he would guard the package with his life; this was the last time Jonathan would ever see his father. In October of 1988, fifty years later, an old car is speeding down a dark backroad. The driver is Paul Wincott, a young man and a drifter. The car starts to stall out and Paul pulls the car over. The car stops next to a sign: “Welcome to Fairfield: The Nicest Town in New England”. Paul is unable to figure out what 's wrong with the car and walks into the nearby town.After walking into town he finds that the local mechanic’s shop is closed. With plenty of time to spare, Paul walks to the local bar. We find that Paul is a loudmouth who has knack for getting himself into trouble with the locals. He gets in a fight with some of the locals and it is broken up Sheriff Roy Braxton. Paul is sent to prison for the night, with the sheriff sending a tow truck to fetch Paul’s car, letting him know that the sooner he gets out of town the better. The next morning Paul is released and heads over to the mechanics who tells him that the car is in need of serious repairs, meaning it will cost Paul a pretty penny which he clearly doesn’t have. Paul runs into a young bookish woman by the…
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