A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers in Novel, First They Killed My Fathe by Loung Ung

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A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers In 1975, the Khmer Rouge had taken over Cambodia becoming the ruling political party and had overthrown the Lon Nol government. They wanted Cambodia to form an anti-modern agrarian society. This novel is of political oppression set in Cambodia. First They Killed My Father is an emotional and heart wrenching memoir told by the perspective of a child, Loung Ung. It is an moving story told about a families survival with vivid detail and is more breathtaking and extreme as it is told from five year old Loung. As the horror begins Loung suffered through many journeys during her young ages; the deaths of her parents and siblings, being evacuated from Phnom Penh, her hometown, the knowledge she now has of the …show more content…

As Kim grows he realizes that him and his family are suffering and starving without eating. For his family he sacrifices getting beat to get leftover food. He knows it is important to keep them alive, so he will go through any pain for him and his family to survive. After terrible deaths of their family members Ma has to do her best to keep her children alive. In order to do that separation has to occur. Ma has to make many sacrifices for her children. She wants them to live on with their lives. Ma told her children they had to split apart and go in different directions. For her children’s sake she wanted them to leave her and find somewhere new to start a new life. Ma told them when they find a place to tell them they were orphans. “I don’t want you here.” (Ung, 116). Loung did not understand why Ma had forced them to leave but Ma is saving her life. “If we stay together, we’ll die together.” (Ung. 116). Ma makes sacrifices so her children are safe and not killed by the horrible Khmer Rouge. “One day three soldiers come to the village and tell the new people gathered at the town square that the Angkar needs every teenage male and female to leave tomorrow for Kong Cha Lat, a teen work camp. ‘Everyone has to honor and sacrifice for Angkar!’ the soldiers yell. ‘Anyone who refuses Angkar’s request is an enemy and will be destroyed!” (Ung, 73). The oldest daughter Keav was forced to go to a work camp and sacrificed her life, so no one in the family got abused. These

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