A Daughter's Journey-Personal Narrative

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A Daughter’s Journey. Since she was young, Rea had dreams and aspirations. She had a vision of how her life would be, as most children do. She verbalized about college and her plans to attend. She has always been an artist and visualized of getting a degree in video game design. As she grew older her vision gradually changed and the things she once felt were consequential were not so anymore. She was ready to experience life. Though things transmuted, her tenaciousness to live life as she visually perceived fit did not. Once she graduated high school, she decided to get a job at a local pizza joint and put school off until she felt ready. She verbalizes school frustrated her and did not…show more content…
Denise followed the lead also commencing working with her. Things were looking up. They were relishing life and often went out on the town as well as exploring the parks she had explored with her family as a child. They were both ecstatic. Everything was coming together. She felt at peace knowing this. Denise had a lot in common with her and working together at the same place really was to both of their advantages. During this time her family moved about an hour north of her.There was no longer a need for such a large house. The change would do good for them, as her mother was having that empty nest feeling with her oldest children gone. She verbally expresses “It's just not the same. It just makes sense for a change in scenery.” It seemed as nothing could perturb anyone's lives. A few months later everyone got fired at the pizza joint. Immediately her Mother regretted the move. She was apprehensive “Rea has bills and rent to pay”. Due to people quitting it made all the workers upset. Everyone had to take on extra shifts to cover the missing employees. The complaining upset the store owner,…show more content…
She still is struggling to get the funds to cover her now 1 month behind rent. She is looking forward to getting her refund soon, which will be a big help. She filled out an application for a job she had found online. The next day early in the morning, the company messaged saying that they wanted her to come in for an interview. This was exciting news, especially with everything being so upside down. Landing this job could be what gets her out of this burden she has been facing for the last month. With her great attitude and determination, she got the job. She was blissfully in tears. This opportunity gave her a sense of ease. She knew this would mean income. Nevertheless she worries being that her roommate is still in need of work. This definitely a start. She’s not out of this dilemma quite yet. She knows she is no longer a child. She wants to learn from this and not have her mother to come to her aide like when some child. Her courage is that of an old soul. Her determination stronger than ever. With everything hanging in the balance, she strives working long hours to make up the money needed to catch up on
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