A Day At 07.45 Using A Code

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On 30th December 2015 I was on duty. I reported to the reception at 07.45 using a code at the device from the entrance as I am working in a Care Home where the residents suffer from Dementia and due to their condition related with memory loss, they need to be protected so that they can not leave and not be able to remember the way back in accordance with SOVA legislation. I used my fog to clock in and also signed the staff book so that in case of fire the place would need to be evacuated.

Then I changed my clothes and put on my uniform and my black shoes, put all my belongings into my locker including my phone, tied my hair up and checked for my uniform to look nice and to have my badge with my name on it; all in accordance with company Policies and Procedures.

I washed my hands and at 7.55 I went to the floor ready for work. I have checked the board to see which unit I was allocated to. I was working on Thames Unit and my team was made up of 5 care assistants and one nurse. The nurse did the hand over regarding all changes and concerns from night staff and then she allocated each of us 3 residents. My residents were MR J, MR B and MRS M ( obviously these are pseudonyms in order to maintain confidentiality in accordance with Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC 2015 Code of Conduct).

Next step was to read the care plans of the residents allocated to me, although I am key worker for two of the residents allocated to me namely MR J And MRS M, to see if any changes…
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