A Day At Fice

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It was a normal day at the office. Until he came in. Athena had solved some pretty weird mysteries. She was sitting in her library which had every book in existence except for poetry. She disliked poetry. That was Apollo’s thing. She also had an armor stand next to her bed. The armor stand had her favorite armor. The silver owl. That was the armor she used when she went to war. Which happened often. As she was the god of wisdom, war, strategy, handicrafts, and knowledge. Her father walked in when she was polishing her spear. Athena hated Zeus for what he had done. Before she was born her father swallowed her mother Mnemosyne. She was swallowed because her father was trying to escape a prophecy. Ugh, that place was disgusting. Her mother dissolved into a memory. Everyone knows that trying to escape a profecie just makes it worse. She was convinced that her father was an idiot.
“Athena, we have a new opponent. All I know is his name is Serapis. Find out who he is, and how to defeat him. Then come back to the olympian council" Zeus ordered.
“ Father why can’t you or Hermes do it, I deal in mysteries not in intell.” Athena asked.
“ because you are the most logical and rational of all of us. Be on your way now, go” he commanded.
She knew what her father could do so she followed his orders, but he treated her like a mortal. He thought just because he was king of the gods meant he could do that. She packed anyway knowing what he would do if she didn’t follow his orders. He…

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