A Day At School Today

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A moment later she asked the tall, large man, “Are you Mr. Mckutchin?” in her small elfin-like voice. A question to which he replied, “People have called me that, yes.” “Did you have a bad day at school today, and maybe that’s why you were crying?” asked Mr. Mckutchin as he looked down upon her with thoughtful eyes. “No,” Erin said somberly. “Are you going to lock me up in your basement until I 'm big and fat, and then eat me, and then feed my bones to your dog?” asked Erin in a tone which almost made her sound like she had already accepted her fate. “Heavens, No!” Mr. Mckutchin laughed out boisterously. “Is that what all the kids are saying about me? Well, I guess it’s better than being a Nazi on the run who likes…show more content…
Mckutchin, not sure if she should pull her hand away from his after he revealed his distaste for children. But, Mr. Mckutchin went on, “You see… it’s not that I don 't like people or children, Erin. It’s just... It 's just that my friends and I tend to partake in what I would call, very special games, games for grownups that is, and a very special few of them at that. It 's not something I would like for people to see, especially children. And, at times, we can get very loud and rambunctious when we play our special games, so we try to keep our games hidden, if you can understand that, Erin. Do you have any special games that you like to keep hidden, Erin?” Erin now pulled her hand away from him, not knowing what to say. “Were you crying because of your dad, Erin? Were you crying because of special games he likes to play with you?”


The next day was Halloween and Erin had found herself excited for its arrival all day long while she was in school. She had gotten a rare lucky break for once in the form of her father having come home late from work yesterday, so he hadn’t found out that she’d gone to the park after getting off the school bus instead of coming straight into the house. That meant she didn’t have to accept missing out on trick-or-treating as a punishment for her transgressions. When Erin had gotten home from school that afternoon, she at once ran into her house and then to her bedroom to put on her
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