A Day At The Airport

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Daytona, Florida Six a.m was the time we arrived at the airport. The brutal morning involved going to a magical place. I guess it was worth getting up. I could already hear the dolphins in Daytona calling my name. Just a straight flight from Colorado to Florida, and I’d be there in just a few hours. The few hours were a miserable on the plane. Finally, I got comfortable and no one was talking it. It was to early to mind anyone for me.The early birds in my family were, my dad, mom, and brother. As soon as I closed my eyes all I could hear was their voices communicating to one another. Other times you would only hear the seatbelt signal ding to put them off, or keep them on. There was no happy medium. All I could think to myself was we would get a hotel and sleep, then tomorrow we would go to the hotel where we have our time share. My grandparents and my mom’s brother family will arrive later tomorrow afternoon due to the drive from Georgia to Florida. Three hours later we were of the plane and gather our luggage. Now we got in our taxi cab and it took us to our hotel for that night. We got to the Doubletree hotel late and we walked across the street to get a bite to eat. We ate McDonalds and then finally, went to our hotel and got a nights of sleep. Early that morning it was time to go to our next hotel, where we would be reunited with the family. We would be there for three days and three nights. It was a thirty minute drive to our next hotel, which was right off the shore…
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