A Day At The Skirball Center

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Wouldn’t you feel terrible if your teacher said that you hadn 't performed well after competing in the final round for one of the biggest ballet competitions in the world? Yeah, me too! Well, that’s exactly what happened to me and my friends along with some other insane situations. You know what all of our problems were caused by that day? MY TEACHER! Let me tell you how this all started.
When we arrived at the Skirball Center we checked in and were escorted to a cramped studio where the rest of the finalists were warming up. After a rushed warm up class, we started to mark through our ensemble. Everythings seems to be going well until Lorraine decided to run the crossovers. She lead a group of people, who had to dash backstage to reach
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Probably 20 seconds passed and he hadn’t appeared yet. All of a sudden, he rushes from the door and immediately sprints on stage right in time with the music. He made it!
We finished the piece without a hitch. Although, after the performance I walked to the studio where all of our stuff was to find him laying on the ground out of breath.
“Ian are you okay?” I ask bent over to check on my friend who was currently lying on the floor gasping for air.
“...yeah,” is all i get from him which is good enough. I didn 't want to bother him too much because he must be exhausted.
I didn’t realize how incredible it was that he made it on stage in time.
“Did you see Ian fall?” my friend asked after we came off stage.
“Fall?! No! When did he fall!”
“After he came offstage to do the crossover he skidded and landed on the floor...”
“OH MY GOD! Is he okay?”
“Yeah, he got back up and kept running. He literally ran straight on stage when he made it to the other side.”
“I can’t believe he did it.”
“Yeah, me neither. But nobody else would have been able to do that.”
“Haha true! If anybody could make it, it would be Ian!”
Lorraine called to us to gather around her. What does she want now?
“Is everybody here?” she asked us in that ever whining voice of hers.
“Okay Stas,” Lorraine turned to him, “what are your thoughts?”
Stas said to Lorraine and us, “It was different from the other pieces, I think the judges will like it!” This is

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