A Day At The Touro Synagogue

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On Saturday morning, October 15th, 2016, my friends and I visited the Touro Synagogue. We attended a synagogue Sabbath worship which took place for less than two hours. I was really excited and eager because I have never experienced any ritual service before. As I first entered the small chapel, I was struck by the beautiful, magnificent architecture of the place. It was a clean, warm place with a nice chandelier. The upper wall is covered with glass windows that help light up the small chapel and bring a refreshing feeling. We were given directions to obtain the service books on the shelves outside before the ritual service began. As I went further inside the chapel, a lady greeted me with the phrase “Shabbat shalom.” All the people there were friendly and greeted us with smiles. I noticed some men wore their Kippot and Tallitot. We had some small introductions and conversations. After getting service books, my friends and I sat in the back row of the chapel. The place was quiet with a sense of peace and contentment. A few minutes after, the Rabbi and the Cantor came in, and the Sabbath service began.
As this Sabbath service was my first experience, I was curious about every little thing that happens. During the Sabbath service, the Rabbi gave us directions to follow hymn pages in the service book. This book was written in both Hebrew and English. There were different prayers with different sections. We sat down in some parts and stood up in some other parts. Sometimes the

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