A Day Away From Her Final Exam

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Team Lyle – Elizabeth Scalco, Tyler Kerr, James Sylvia, Cory Casal
Extenuating Circumstances Jessica is college student, who is a day away from her final exam in a very critical class. In the class, she is on the borderline of an A or B, but she needs to get an A in order to look like a solid prospect for medical school. Unfortunately, Jessica just had a devastating death in the family the week of the final, which has caused her to lose complete focus on her schoolwork. With her critical final exam the next day, she realized she is not prepared. With that in mind, Jessica comes up with a plan to cheat during the final. She recruits the help of her friend Candi to cheat on the final exam with her. They decide to communicate the answers to each other via their cell phones. While the two girls are taking the final they start to text message one another the answers of each question. There was one question in particular that the pair of them did not know. So, Jessica thought it would be a good idea to try to find the answer online via the class’ lecture notes. As she is typing, her cell phone falls out of her hands and lands on the classroom floor. Dr. Lopez walks over to Jessica and picks up her cell phone. As she starts to hand it back to her, she notices the lecture slides and a message from Candi on the screen. Dr. Lopez takes both Jessica’s and Candi’s finals and tells them to meet her after class. After the class is over, the two girls and Dr. Lopez start to get to…

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