A Day Dream From A Nightingale By John Keats

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A Day Dream Back to Reality In the poem, Ode to a Nightingale, written by John Keats, he attempts to use a nightingale as a means of escaping the realness of human life. A nightingale is better known as a bird that comes out at night which sings a song. Throughout the poem, Keats gradually discovers the concepts of creative expression and the morals of human life. He is in search of the freedom that the nightingale so beautifully sings about. The nightingale’s song of freedom is an expression of absolute happiness, which is unaware of pain and sorrow. It appears in the poem that Keats is drawn into the nightingale’s world of allure and elegance. He is also eager to soften his soul from his worries and troubles, as well as open up to a world that has promises or is assuring some type of eternal enjoyment. The answer to his problems may lie in living a life similar to that of a nightingale’s life. In the poem, he relates to the nightingale by wanting to be just as care free with no worries. As the poem progresses he explores many ways to join the nightingale. However, he eventually recognizes that he must face the reality of the real world that fleeing from the world is not possible. Not only does Keats write this poem delicately, but it reads calmly while using a discrete rhyming scheme. Allusions are the main idea of this whole poem. Keats uses allusions involving alcohol and other drugs as a main idea throughout the poem. For example,
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