A Day For A Hospital Volunteer

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The skateboard flew from underneath her as she slammed down onto the concrete, her belongings scattering everywhere around her. As I picked up her belongings to return to her, I noticed she had landed on her back and was bleeding from her head. Everyone gathered around us. An assistant teacher tried to help her up when I exclaimed, “Stop! You 're never supposed to move someone with a head wound.” Two others brought her water to help her feel better, but I denied their suggestion, informing them that she shouldn 't have any water or food in case she needs to have a procedure at the hospital. I wouldn 't let anyone near this girl until the paramedics arrived. I held her hands in an attempt to comfort her while we waited. It was in those moments that I found myself grateful for everything I had learned as a hospital volunteer, while simultaneously wishing I could help the girl even more. While I had all the right knowledge to prevent more harm from coming to this stranger who fell off her skateboard, I was unable to provide the level of care I desired. After that incident, I decided it was time I did more for my community. I began explaining health insurance to community members in Summer of 2013, and in doing so, I have become more aware of the great dearth in easily accessible health care. To help remedy this situation, I compiled binders full of information on free or low cost health care resources in the Inland Empire. I go to local clinics and health fairs to connect
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