A Day For A Student

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It’s a normal day for a student. They wake up at 7, eat breakfast, get ready for classes, and head to school. In homeroom, they start to talk to their friends while waiting for the morning announcements to come through the intercoms. Today’s different though, the principal is the one doing the announcements instead of the main office secretary’s. Everyone is listening intently to what the occasion is. “Attention all students, after a meeting with the board of academic scholars, it has been decided to remove homework from the school system”. The intercom turns off and all the students are sitting there in dismay. One students decides to ask the teacher if this is true, and the teacher nods their head. There’s a new feeling of excitement that day running throughout the school. All the students exhilarated about not having homework anymore. Truly this would be a revolutionary day for any student, but that’s not the case. Homework is still very prevalent in every school today and it is degrading the life of our students. It is a common misconception with schools that homework reinforces concepts that students need to learn. Instead it is terrorizing them and limiting their ability to learn. Homework needs to be eradicated from school systems everywhere to better the lives of our students. Homework isn’t uniform among teachers and consumes too much of a student’s time. There aren’t any guidelines on how homework should be distributed, so depending on the type of teacher you…
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