A Day For Celebrating The Nation 's Freedom

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Carter introduced his definition of what it meant to have integrity in “The Rules about the Rules” Integrity can have so many meaning to the word, so can the meanings of freedom, equality and what it means to be an American. July forth, 1776 Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence, He proclaimed that all men are created equal. And to this came the big debate as to what it’s meant to be an American, have freedom and live equally among other Americans. July fifth, 1852, sum seventy six years later, Frederick Douglass addresses the public after the day of what today is called Fourth of July, a day for celebrating the nation’s freedom; criticizing so called American for enslaving colored people and the abused that went along with it. He called it a day for mourning, a harsh reminder that even though Negros were Americans living in America, they weren’t treated as so, contradicting the Declaration of Independence, that all Americans do not live by the thought that all men were created equal. 1963, one hundred and eleven years after Douglass’s speech came Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” written after being arrested for what he calls a peaceful protest. Protesting integration, he too felt that even though after many years of blacks fighting for their rights; because of Jefferson’s alleged “all men are created equal” they were still being treated as the clergyman stated “outsiders”. King, a father, minister and activist uses this letter to
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