A Day For The Negro Race Essay

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“ ‘This in a way is another Emancipation Day for the Negro race,’ wrote sportswriter Baz O’Mera of Montreal’s Daily Star, ‘ a day that Abraham Lincoln would like.’… ‘Everyone sensed the significance of the occasion as Robinson marched with the Montreal team to deep center field for the raising of the Stars and Stripes and the Star-Spangled Banner(Tygiel 4).” As early as the fourth page of the book Jules Tygiel, the author, started with a vigorous quote which showed even though as a country every man was declared to be emancipated or freed, not every man was indeed emancipated or liberated. An argument could be made that the sports world is a world of its own. You have people in charge who make decisions on who can and cannot play, who is allowed to the venues just to name a few decision owners are authorized to make. In baseball, no African American played or even signed to a Major League Baseball Organization, this includes both Minor and Major Leagues. Then all of that changed On October 23, 1945, when a young African American man by the name of Jackie Robinson officially signed a Major League Baseball contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson would not fully break the color barrier until almost six months later on April 15, 1946. Many people are completely to the fact that Jackie Robinson was not the first African American professional baseball player, in fact the first African American professional baseball player was a fellow by the name of Bud Fowler. The author
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